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Are you looking to purchase a Tonneau Cover but don’t know what will work best for your truck, or what your Tonneau Cover options are?

Buying a tonneau cover is not like buying groceries, you don’t just arrive at the store and randomly pickup a generic tonneau cover. This is a major part of how your truck looks and more importantly how you will use your truck. A tonneau cover provides you with safe and secure storage for your valuables. They provide exceptional value and come in a vast array of options for everyone and every truck. Your typical variety of covers include Roll Up covers, Soft Folding covers, Hard Folding covers, Painted covers, Retractable covers, and Heavy Duty covers.

If you are looking for a cover that is versatile and can stand up to the harsh Manitoba weather, than we recommend Retrax, one of the top brands in the tonneau cover industry.  The Retrax covers come in a variety of styles with remote control electromagnetic capabilities.

If you are looking for a quality roll-up cover and works well in all climates, then we recommend the TruXedo Tonneau Cover.  These are great looking covers and are easy to install with no loose parts, no drill clamps, and have tension control to keep tight in any climate.  These covers can actually save you gas money, ask our specialists how!

If you are looking for a durable roll back Tonneau Cover that is a simple to install cannister with water drainage tubes and marine grade, than we recommend the Bak Flip Rollback G2 Tonneau Cover.

Contact us today 204-669-5249 and chat with our specialist to get; a great deal, purchase guidance, professional installation, and complete purchase satisfaction. Visit us at 155 Fennel St, Monday – Friday 8:30-5:30pm.

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